Sunday, May 11, 2008

Pissing people off?

I don't believe that you can piss a person off. They choose whether or not to be pissed off.

"You are such an asshole!"

I can say it to a friend and he'll just laugh it off. If I say it to a stranger or adversary, then I'll get punched in the face.

Same words, same context. My friend knows that I'm either full of it, or that he is one. The adversary or stranger probably won't admit that they are being one.

Most things you can call me and not get me riled up. Studpidity, and lack of common sense are the things that get me riled up. It's all subjective whether one should or should not be angry. Just like it's subjective whether or not someone needs an ass-kicking. Some say there is never a good reason, others say that it is the most expedient way of teaching people not to be rude and obnoxious.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Burma Cyclone

From one news story:

US First Lady Laura Bush has accused the military government of failing to act to protect its people.

Oh, and the Bush administration did such a wonderful job in protecting people when Hurricane Katrina blew through.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Texas sex toy laws

I love how the law can make something for sex illegal. To summarize the laws:

* You can’t own more than 6 dildoes because that means an intent to sell
* You can’t call them “dildoes”: they’re “educational demonstrators.”
* You can’t use the word “vibrators”: they’re “personal massagers.”
* You can buy as many butt plugs as you like because the anus is not a sex organ.

I'd love to see the debates over these laws when they passed. The arguments would make for hillarious reading.