Monday, July 27, 2009

Human Trafficing in the real world.

An old friend called me a few hours ago. A person she knows, who was a friend of a person she knew who died, was talking with her. Apparently he's out of work. So he hooked up with a pimp in a major city. He's going to go to an Asian country, marry a minor, bring her to the pimp, and sell her to him for $30,000 or so dollars. He was asking my friend about how difficult it might be to get a divorce. Needless to say, my friend freaked out and called me to ask if it was okay to rat him out.

My answer was a resounding "YES!". The friend going to talk with the police. I really hate these scum-buckets. So, next time someone says "That only happens in the movies or on TV." You can be assured that it really happens in real life too. Real life is as strange and fucked up, or more so, than fiction.

I'll let you all know how it turns out later. I'm obviously being scant on details to prevent said persons from knowing before police intervention.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Quote of the Day

He that is of the opinion money will do everything may well be suspected of doing everything for money.
Benjamin Franklin (1706 - 1790)

Friday, July 24, 2009

Old school police dissuasion.

police dissuade rapist from repeat offending.

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Man dies after winning 12-hour sex marathon bet

From MosNews:

Man dies after winning 12-hour sex marathon bet
10 Mar, 05:39 PM

A young Russian man died after betting two women that he could have non-stop sex with them both for twelve hours and winning the bet, a Russian daily reported Tuesday.

Sergey Tuganov, 28, dropped dead minutes after winning $4,300, the amount of the bet, Komsomolskaya Pravda reports.

The women told Moscow police that before starting the sex marathon, Tuganov swallowed a whole bottle of Viagra pills to ensure his victory.

“We got scared and called emergency services, but it was too late, there was nothing they could do,” said one of them, referred to as Alina.

Medics said the man most likely died because of the quantity of stimulating pills he had ingested.

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Even bears learn not to mess with Russian women.

From MOS News:

53 year-old Siberian woman beats 200 kg bear barehanded
16 Jul, 01:04 PM

A 53 year-old woman from the Siberian village of Berezovskaya set upon a 200-kilogram bear and repulsed an attack from the animal, Russian website reports. The bear, scared of the woman’s strength, fled into the forest.

Nadezhda Teplyakova was walking home from work when the wild animal suddenly attacked her.

“Our village is situated not far from the forest, but that was the first time I had heard of an attack from a bear. I was coming up to my house when it pounced on me from behind the bushes. I was held down by the bear and it started to tear at me,” Teplyakova said.

The petite woman of only 1.52 meters did not know what to do at first.

“The bear seized me by the ear. After that it bit my ponytail off, I almost fainted away with fear. Then I started to shout at the top of my voice at the animal. It was motionless with surprise. After that I have delivered several blows to its muzzle. It then just growled and ran away into the forest,” Teplyakova said. “I don’t know how I got home.”

“She entered the room covered with blood,” Nadezhda’s husband Victor said. “Then Nadya [Nadezhda] fell into my arms and said only the word “bear." After that she passed out.”

He took his wife to hospital at once.

“We operated on the mutilated woman for several hours. Our surgeons have sown up her head, leg and chest wounds. Now her condition is stable,” Local traumatologist Evgenii Afonin said.

However, the bear was not as lucky. The next day Victor went to the forest, tracked down the animal and shot it to avenge his wife.

A good reason not to cheat!


Woman stuffs unfaithful boyfriend’s sex toy with glass wool
30 Mar, 05:16 PM

A young woman stuffed her boyfriend’s sex toy with glass wool after finding out he had been unfaithful to her. As a result, the man had to be taken to hospital for vital surgery.

Anna, 26, and Andrei, 28, met a year ago at a Moscow night club, the Russian website reported Sunday. They started dating and soon moved in together.

When after almost a year Anna found out that Andrei, a tall handsome man with long dark-brown hair, was cheating on her, she was infuriated and decided to teach him a lesson he would never forget.

The woman took the latex penis extender her boyfriend liked to play with in bed and stuffed it with glass wool. Then she removed it, but thousands of glass particles had stuck to the soft inside of the toy.

“The guy was brought in here in critical condition,” one of the doctors at the Moscow hospital that had admitted Andrei told

“He probably did not feel the pain at first, just some itching. But it got worse when the glass reached his urethra.”

Andrey took the pain for several days, but when the cuts in his penis got inflamed, he could no longer stand or sit, and called the ambulance. At the hospital, doctors removed glass particles from his male organ.

According to the doctors, he will have to spend quite a while at the hospital. The micro wounds got inflamed, he was virtually on the verge of sepsis.

It also works on cheating women and their dildos.