Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Mom has been transferred to short term rehab. Seems alright, We'll see. She's still having hallucinations. Nothing bad, but hopefully it'll clear up once the clots in her lungs dissolve. She's at least off the blood-thinners. She's no longer coughing regularly. Now she's just in need of physical therapy to get walking around again.

Friday, May 01, 2009

Mom's latest Update ...

SHe's doing well, though was groggy since she wasn't on oxygen today. Off the blood thinners, tanking her up on antibiotics. Put a filter in to catch clots. took a big clot from her leg. Eating fine, though sick of pureed food. She managed to get a tuna-fish sandwich today. Dinner had some chopped green beans. They are thinking of sending her home tomorrow or Sunday. I'm hoping for Sunday, because the service can get a nurse and aide to come out on monday.

I have to go down to the Oil Co. and fight with them, mom had signed a plan last August when fuel was skyrocketing for $4.599 a gallon over the winter, which she was charged, but this last delivery exhausted that money, and the remainder of the fill was still charged at $4.599. The gallons once the plan money was expended should be the current rate around $2.40-2.50. Luckily, there are several others now that supply the town. One should really think twice about screwing a customer of over 40 years.

I added some oil to the car, I need to do a change on the oil and the plugs. It'll either be early monday if I'm lucky or next weekend according to the weather. It's going to be a wet week, and not in a good way. At least the grass is cut. I also managed to jam some wood under my thumbnail while pulling vines.

I borrowed Sweeny Todd and Superhero Movie, haven't gotten to them yet. Picked up Collateral Damage for $3. I think I got ripped off. I'll post on that later. I think I'll walk the dog for the night now.