Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Do you cook?

I just saw these nifty Star Wars Oven mitts and damn me if I don't want them now.

Feeling those AOL blues

Naw ... not really.

I just am suddenly reminded of the company and how they were constantly under capacity while trying to expand. So when I get an "Over capacity" message from Twitter, it reminds me of that time. Now we just have to wait as High-speed providers, cell networks, etc. eventually reach the same mark and it finally drives prices down.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

A Response to 10 Things You Don't Know About Women

A Response to 10 Things You Don't Know About Women by Alyssa Milano

Just to put up my responses....

1. This is not necessarily a bad thing ... and I know men who are that way also.

2. I never did get the reason why the one asking for a date thought they didn't have to pick up the tab.

3. I tend to prefer classic porn over just average smut. It's not that I prefer untrimmed bushes, it's just more often than not, I like a story with my porn.

4. Women tend to focus on the details, while men tend to focus on the bigger picture. Women also tend to paymore attention to social convention than men do. Most social conventions probably exist because of a woman.

5. An eyelash curler probably has been used as a torture device at some point, as well as bras, waxing, high-heels and other fashion ideas.

6. Not true, there are plenty of things that temper her hormonal induced emotion cycle.

7. I think it's weird too, that's probably why I never got into watching sports.

8. The only thing I hate more than lame pick-up lines, is when they work.

9. Actually, men and women both have selective hearing, just as in #4, women expect to think every detail of a conversation is important, men tend to remember the general gist of it, and the highlights, probably the reason that sports is covered in the same fashion.

10. In reality:
circular Saw - had since long before Tabitha Babbit, though she could be said to have industrialized it.
signal flare - Was an invention of her husband, though Martha Coston did perfect it in 1859.
space suit - Since When??
bulletproof vest - the Ballistic Polymer fiber that makes up the modern vest was created by Stephanie Kwolek in 1971.
windshield wiper - True, invented by Mary Anderson in 1903.

Don't worry about it, myths often overtake fact. Most people still think Edison invented the light-bulb.