Tuesday, November 04, 2008

My Voting Experience 2008

Got to the polls just before lunch. The woman in front of me didn't have I.D. and thought because her brother voted, she should be able to vote. Umm, No. No I.D., Vo Vote. The moderator was still on the phone when I left. I was only in line a couple minutes, unlike many places.

I think they need a abstain bullet to fill in on the ballot though.

BTW, the betting houses all have Obama to win. One had the following odds. If you bet $7 on Obama, and he wins, you get $8. On the other hand if you bet $1 on McCain, and he wins, you get $6.80. Those are terrible odds for McCain. Thankfully.

Voter turn-out is higher than ever, but it is always high in an presidential election. If Obama could get people to turn out in such high numbers next year, that would truly be impressive.

Voted? Get your sex toy, coffee, or ice cream!

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