Monday, April 19, 2010


So I was actually sleeping last friday night/saturday morning for a change when Screeech...BANG! I look out the window and some idiot has buried himself in the fence. By the time I tossed on my boots and got outside he'd driven off. So I called the cops and about 15-20 minutes later the cops roll up. Now what this picture fails to show is my neighbor's yard. The idiot had plowed through the front of his fence then out through the side of it, hitting a cement filled steel post, spinning his car across the street and into my fence. I found pieces of my neighbor's fence in the driveway on the other side of the yard. Well, once the police showed, we found a piece of the bumper with a YALE parking sticker on it.  So ... turns out that they got the person. Here's the kicker ... not his car; it was a friend's? car. a 1985 Mercedes.

So after talking to the home insurance, I'll be calling his directly first to see if they want to take care of it quickly without a hassle or if I'll have to process it through home owner's insurance , pay out up to $250 as a deductible and hope they get it back from the car insurance. So several poles, a bunch of fencing, cement to fix the poles in the ground, seed to reseed the lawn, etc. And that's the reason I don't lend my car to others. I'm guessing he was doing at least double the speed limit with triple being more likely.

On the positive note, I've met more neighbors who want to talk about the damage than I've met in a long while. The neighborhood is slowly getting back to neighbors rather than strangers. It takes a little effort, but maybe we'll get it there again.

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