Saturday, March 01, 2008

The value of a Dollar

Don't know about other parts of the world, but here everything has doubled or so in the last year. I look at the dollar compared to two things:
1) The Euro
2) The Canadian Dollar
Before this occupational fiasco, the US dollar bought roughly 1.50 in canada and around a euro. Now it buys roughly 1 Canadian dollar and 2/3 of a euro.

This isn't necessarily bad. Usually under such conditions, the Europeans and Canadians would be doing an above average amount of international tourism which would bring money back into the USA. Unfortunately, the overzealous Department of Homeland Security has made it a point to make it difficult and Harrassing to enter the United States. Thus stopping money from entering.

Now I might understand if they made it more difficult for people who are of middle-eastern lineage or are muslims. Obviously, regardless of how unfair it may be, they would have a much more intensive background screening. But the truth is, that it is impossible to keep out people who desperately want to enter. That's why we have a constant influx of ILLEGAL immigrants. If they can't keep them and/or drugs from entering the United States, what makes them think they'll be able to keep out a determined terrorist?

Nothing. It doesn't work. Ever. Just like an occupational force can't completely stop Guerrilla Warfare. The smartest thing to do is hand every adult a bolt action rifle with a clip of ammunition in each and every village, town, and city. Then you tell them "Don't make us come back. If you have problems with people who wish to go back to a non-democratic system then deal with them."

You see, only if everyone is committed to democracy that way, and is armed both against these brigands as well as any abusive government, will democracy work.

As to the detainees that were held in places like Midway and Guantamano, well, let's just say that most of the interrogation techniques are pretty primative.

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